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The boys and I spent time at the pool with Aunty Shew. Broke all the rules. and even had a lil bitty treat!

Love YOU.

Love YOU.

At 27 years old I’d imagined a lot for myself. More often than not, I am surprised and grateful at everything that has come my way. Blessed is the only explanation for the people and experiences in my life. With the good comes the bad, and those things I am grateful for as well. Truly,…

Window Seat

They always say dogs assume personality traits of their owners. In my case, Ume is most like me. Solo in his adventures, moody, light eyed, and prefers to travel with a window seat. for all things dachshunds

My Friend Gertrude.

This is Gertie. She is 12 years old. She has no teeth, so her tongue sticks out. Everyone loves her, and so do I!

Playtime with Animals

Got away this weekend, and decided to do something I’ve never done. Feed Ostrich. I had no idea all these other animals would be there, I had a so much fun! Leave me a comment if you’d like to go here!

loungin’ on the job.

happy halloweenie.

I buy things on sale. Sooooo, my weeners are celebrating halloween fashionably late. Annnd, they mostly hate dressing up. I hope you like em, because getting these photos wasn’t an easy task! MORE PICS