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[VIDEO] Mike Posner x Lady La

  WATCH to find out how we both got thrown out by one of our favorite artists!

FOOD PORN: Mike Posner x Lady La

  “I don’t really know lettuce types” —Mike Posner

Pre Birthday Bash 2012

Shouts out to the 101.5 Fam who all worked hard to put the event together, make it a success and capture it ALL on camera. Check party videos, and ALL pictures HERE! Mama Sita’s Cakes! She did such an AMAZING job! 3 different flavors: Chocolate with Peanut Butter Mousse, A rum cake with fresh raspberry…

Chris Rene x Lady La

Shouts out to X Factor’s Chris Rene. A strong dude, with much talent and a great message. His following is incredibly loyal, and is STILL blowing up my timeline on twitter about him being in Phoenix. Many many thank you’s. oh yeah, and he’s #RAKCity

Mike Posner x Lady La

Mike Posner. Hands down one of the coolest cats in the game. literally, his demeanor is super laid back, and he’s got charming wit! Many thanks for coming thru, the man with a Ginger beard has a special place in my heart!

DEV is Hot!

I was able to have the pleasure to sit down and chat, eat lunch, shop and then party with Dev! Post baby she’s in great spirits, back on the grind and looking forward to a bright future! Thanks DEV!

#RAKCity [Random Act of Kindness] : Day 4

There’s not many opportunities in life, where you can give the gift of time. I brought my little cousin along, to fill up parking meters that had run out of time. Everyone hates those tickets! All these lucky folks will just walk out thinking they timed out their spare change perfectly….haha! #RAKCity